Danube Cloud is an open source software for deploying, managing and automating cloud datacenters and their processes.

Deploy on your own hardware.

Manage virtual servers and containers from one user-friendly web interface.

Build virtual datacenters for your customers and projects quickly and easily.

Sleep soundly thanks to integrated ZFS backups and Zabbix monitoring.


So, you are a sysadmin. Every day you do ssh, install packages, configure databases and make users happy. One day you get a task: install web application X to a new server. So you do the usual: you think about networking, spawn a new virtual machine, install your favourite OS, install required system packages, configure all necessary services and deploy the application. Then you setup some DNS records, configure monitoring for the VM and services and schedule some automated backups or snapshots. Now imagine that you do this every week or so. Pretty boring, right?

Welcome to our world. Except... we use Danube Cloud for all this boring stuff and focus on other things...


  • Based on SmartOS with ZFS, KVM and zones
  • Fast and simple deployment
  • Centralized mobile-friendly web management portal
  • Unique security and RBAC
  • Advanced networking with VLAN/VXLAN support
  • Instant VM snapshots
  • Integrated incremental VM backups
  • VM disk replication with one-click recovery
  • Integrated Zabbix monitoring with automated configuration
  • Integrated DNS and IP address management
  • Multi-tenant virtual data centers with resource management
  • Extensive documentation
  • Support for your important deployments